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Get Mortgage Advice 3. Social Media Conversations Today, the number of mentions of your company and/or your content on social media can be a legitimate indicator. In addition to Google Analytics, you can use other tools to help track mentions and conversations. This includes Mention (a social media observation tool over time) and SharedCount (a tool that tracks address shares, likes, etc.). 4. Website Traffic If your goal is overall visibility, then measuring the transaction volume of web traffic may be a smart indicator of the activity being done. View traffic and unique guest growth with Google Analytics.

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GA Notes and Address Builder Social and media mentions can give you a plan for the short-term success of your marketing campaign. However, you should also verify the long-term effectiveness of your approach using tools like: Google Address Generator – This can help you executive email list track the traffic your marketing campaigns drive to your website, regenerate leads, and thus attract customers. Use Google’s address generator instead of just linking back to sites that abuse your address. It appends the campaign trailing code to your address, so you’ll see if anyone clicked on the link included in your referral content. To track your campaigns, go to the Get menu, then Campaigns.

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Add labels and annotations to binding events or actions that cause traffic surges. For example, a PR click from an upper-tier publication will give you a short-term spike Buy Lead in referral traffic. You should then note the event that caused this spike to help you track the results generated by this action. Annotations will greatly facilitate long-term analysis, especially when you start launching multiple campaigns. If you’re coachable and open to new techniques and ideas, you’ll make huge gains from service coaching. This success will be felt at every level of your business – but especially in the bottom line. That’s why more owners than ever are actually turning to organizational coaching as a key means of scaling their business.

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