Reward your most loyal customers

And building backlinks are all seo strategies you can implement for free (or at low cost) if you.Re willing to dicate some time. Make sure google crawls all pages on your website efficiently. You can use a visual sitemap generator to do this. You.Ll also want to monitor your website.S analytics to determine what content your visitors spend the most time on (and create more similar content to make your website stickier) and identify problems like high bounce rates that you may be addressing. . For example. If your visitors land on a page on your website after searching for a term like “How to create your own podcast.

Introduce journalists on help

Before pitching guest post ideas to relevant Email List blogs. Do some website research and stick to sites that have a high domain authority (da) – 50 or higher is usually a good benchmark to aim for – with a healthy monthly search volume. 29. Introduce journalists on help a reporter out (haro) help a journalist is a service that connects journalists with expert sources for their articles. You can sign up to receive emails three times a day with a list of questions that journalists have sent to the platform in various categories. While there.S no guarantee that your pitch will be select.

Make sure you read the application carefully

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There are some best practices that can increase your chances of success. First. Only ask relevant questions that you are qualifi to comment on. Secondly. Make sure you read the application carefully to follow all instructions and make sure you meet  Buy Lead the requirements stat by the reporter. And finally. Provide your answer or at least clearly communicate how you can help the journalist and what skills you can offer. Vague pitches like: “I work in the industry and I.M sure I can provide you with some information. Call me as soon as possible at 1-000-000-0000-0000” are almost guarante to be ignor.

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