Remove Low-quality Pages To Optimize The Crawl Budget

Google tries to minimize effort while maximizing results. One way they reward websites that provide value is to present them at the top of search results (SERPs). The opposite is also true. It doesn’t mean that pages with longer content are better. That’s why some pages can be as short as a paragraph or as long as a book and still rank.

Considering Google’s E.A.T. and the Helpful Content update, factors like your domain’s backlink profile, expertise on the topic, and online reputation play an essential part. And if you have pieces of content that you aren’t giving that value, maybe it’s time to unpublish it or revamp it

Share on Twitter

Google crawls Twitter and indexes tweets fast. Twitter also notes that the words you write on your Twitter profile and public tweets are sent to search engine indexes. So, they will come up whenever a search for those terms comes up. Be sure to share your pages on your Twitter account.

Content distribution platforms like Medium, Entrepreneur and similar sites are great for sharing your content. Look for niche-specific websites where you can promote your content. By leaving links pointing to your database site from that piece of content, web crawlers can follow them and better understand the relationship between web pages.

Although Google’s indexing considers many pages without backlinks, high-quality links are still valuable. According to Ahrefs, Google will likely crawl and re-crawl those pages faster. After all, if someone links to a page, that signals value, and valuable pages are indexed.

Need Help Getting Your Pages Indexed


We hope this compilation of tips will help your pages return to the index. Search engines are not free from error. Sometimes Buy Lead even the most valuable blogs can be dropped. Make sure to submit links to search engines before considering your next options. If you need more information about indexing and deindexed URLs, contact us. We’re happy to help.


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