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I say, will be rewarded. Logical? Well, what are you waiting for! You must choose between a few texts for the button : “More information. If you watch the video, then you see it live . But you don’t hear it, because I’m trying out a new video editing tool and I screwed it up. Sorry. The next one doesn’t happen. Come on, basically that’s it. It’s not like I have much more to tell, don’t you think? Plan your Google My Business posts You have already seen the importance of publishing on Google My Business, so you cannot leave the platform and stop publishing. This will affect your business, your positioning on Google and your reviews. I know that you don’t have all the time in the world to publish offers, publications or events on your Google My Business listing every week.

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Of course, I was going to end the post with 420 words. Hahaha. Are we crazy or what? Although, I promise, Sansa Stark’s words and let anyone who dares fight against him, I’m going to make the posts shorter. That. But not 400 words. No way. Well, now I’ll tell you some quick curiosities about this topic of publications on Google for local companies (you know, pure semantics). You can choose between standard posts or events . Standard company data posts go live from the moment you post and expire after 7 days. Events expire on the end date you specify. Google wants you to show what’s current about your company . You’ve built a new feature and you’ll want it to be used.

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Well, let’s see. We have option 1 which would be something like “Hey, what’s going on at your house with bread and dough!”… No, it’s not cool. The other option would be something like “Hello again! You missed me?”. Mmm, no, obviously not. And for example this one? “…some time ago I felt a tremendous hope and need that went out, like a candle before a sneeze…” Yuck. So… How the hell do I start the post Therefore, differently than I always do? For a change, I say. The other way around? Good idea! Ains, thank Buy Lead goodness you are there, sending me your suggestions. Have you noticed the difference? Nooooo! No, not the Buuuuu thing! That escaped me… Oops. I am referring to the featured post block .

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