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Mail accessibility as a really vital thing. Do you agree that balancing accessibility and creativity is a cornerstone of email design. Can you share some practical strategies you have discovered in this area. And explain the importance of accessibility for businesses. Email accessibility is always at the top of my mind. I’m part of an organization called Email Markup Consortium (EMC), a community group working to improve the user experience, accessibility, performance, consistency, and reliability of Phone Directions email markup. The EMC recently released its second email accessibility report, which includes over 300,000 emails.

When your email isn’t accessible

When accessibility isn’t at the forefront of your email design and development, you erode your customer’s trust and leave thousands of dollars of revenue on the table. Everyone at some point will at least have a temporary disability, and many have permanent disabilities, so we have to meet people where they’re at. To Belgium Phone Number Data declare their language attribute so emails are read in the correct language accent. To add alt text over 50% of the emails we tested did not have alt text, which is crucial for screen readers and email clients with images turned off by default.

Emails should never be all-image emails

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I understand how it happens creative directors demand emails to remain pixel-perfect and on brand. Email is thrust upon an unsuspecting graphic designer. And going all-image is the best tool in their design toolbox. Emails should be a mix of BUY Lead images and live text. I recently wrote about this on LinkedIn. And it resonated with folks. When you use live text. Getting your message across is easier, no matter the email client, person, or location. You’ve been tweeting about Phone Directions common mistakes in email templates. Can you provide examples of these issues and advise marketers using email template builders to avoid such pitfalls.

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