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Now Anna leads Email and Marketing Ops at Powtoon, an animation software that allows the creation of professional and fully-customized videos. I have experienced working and living in three different countries, and the challenges I faced varied depending on my country. I felt less empowered in certain workspaces, and there were doubts about my ability to lead a team. In general, I believe that challenges should be based on expertise and should encourage my professional growth. Challenges based on gender do not help develop me as an expert. Is there any gender inequity in the marketing industry today. For years (and years), I genuinely believed if I kept my head down and worked hard enough.

Bringing Up My Accomplishments Felt Like Bragging

People would eventually recognize my worth and treat me accordingly with raises and promotions. But that’s not how life really works especially for women. Instead, I constantly fell into the unofficial team leader role and next to be promoted after so-and-so. I swallowed that pill too many times letting it impact my confidence, mood, and health before realizing nothing would change until I started advocating for myself. I found speaking up very challenging at first. Asking for a raise required weeks, if not months, of pumping myself up. Heck, even just the Philippines Phone Number Data thought of talking or sweaty palms and an increased heart rate. It didn’t help that I was smack-dab in a toxic working environment.

Asking a Question During a Meeting Led To

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But through all of that stress and awkwardness, I learned how to embrace my authentic voice, lean into my strengths, and become comfortable with the impact I can make. That’s not to say I don’t still doubt myself. I am my worst critic and am confident I’m not alone. Here are three concepts I try to channel. Perfect is the enemy of BUY Lead good. Just ship it! Iteration is a thing of beauty. Get out of your comfort zone! You can only learn or grow if you make mistakes. Teams thrive on diversity, but only if everyone.

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