Instagram for your company: tips for use

Instagram for your company: tips for use from the overview.  Of the functions to the best hashtags to use, passing through the types of content and the itorial plan. How to do business with instagram. One billion people in the world use instagram. Over 500 million people use instagram every day: they upload 95 million.  Photos and exchange about 4.2 billion likes on the platform. Not bad as numbers, is it? They become even more impressive if you read them with the mentality.  Of the entrepreneur, of those who want to promote something or simply . Are looking for new channels of communication. 

How does Instagram work?

These are mind-bogest-thankers. Creat by New Data mike krieger and kevin systrom in 2010, it was later acquir by facebook in 2012.  Instagram is much more than a social network. For companies it is the ideal place to tell each other and attract the attention.  Of new potential customers. To convince you, we give you some other interesting data: 60% of people say they . Discover new products on instagram.  While a third of the most view instagram stories come from companies – soon you’ll find out what they are. Download the instagram guide imageimage ah. You also ne to know that instagram business profiles . Are more than 25 million and advertisers.  Which is the people who advertise on the platform, over two million worldwide. Now you understand why it’s important to be there.

Your business profile on Instagram

You, but above all the reality you work for. How does instagram work? Buy Lead  Instagram is a digital platform design for instant sharing of images and videos. Look at it from an entrepreneurial perspective. From the photos that describe your routine in the company to the live shot at special events.  You can (and you ne to) tell people about your business in order to intrigue them and push them to deepen. Yes, it’s time to put instagram in your broader web marketing strategy. Let’s see together how it looks to your eyes and what are the main functions. Our first target? Help you get as familiar with the interface as possible. 


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