How Do You Get Your Pages Indexed

Google never promises to index all pages of a website. At some point, we may never really get a piece of content (either a web page or blog post) on the index at all. Still, we know there are things we can do to raise our chances. Here are eight ways to help your pages get indexed.

Fetch your URLs on GSC

It’s essential to have an account on Google Search Console (GSC). The first step when your page gets deindexed is to submit the URL to Google, so it is queued for indexing/crawled by bots. Submitting phone number list the request doesn’t automatically add the URL  to the index but puts them in the queue. Google gives you step-by-step instructions on how to do it. Sometimes you have to be patient and manually recheck to see if the page has been reindexed

Another step is to add the page to your sitemap. This alerts Google by submitting it to GSC. Monitor if any URLs are not registering on the sitemap. You can even create a sitemap for all the photos and images on your site, especially if you want to rank on Image search.

3. HTTPS is invalid and might prevent it from being indexed

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One reason your URLs might not be indexed is that Google might not see your site as secure. Google announced that they’re adjusting their search engine indexing system to look for more HTTPs pages. In general, if you haven’t upgraded your site to HTTPS, now is the time. It eliminates unnecessary headaches and shows your website visitors you take web security seriously.

Orphaned pages don’t have internal links pointing to them. Search engines use links to jump from page to page while crawling. Pages without internal links make it impossible for your web visitors to navigate to them, as there’s no way to arrive on the page other than by a direct link. You can Buy Lead quickly solve this by adding internal links from the main pages to other pages on the site. The goal is to have at least one link pointing to each page. This strategy is harder to implement on a big site, but it will pay off in terms of getting pages indexed. Bonus tip: have your popular posts point to important pages.


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