Email Marketing Why Buying Email Lists is a Bad Idea

In  Email Marketing  order for email marketing campaigns to be executed. They must be based on a list of contacts to which to send content. So to save themselves the work of building their own list. Many companies choose to buy email lists . But that’s a bad idea and we’ll tell you why. Why you should never buy email lists Getting your own contacts to help you build. a list that you will then use to send advertising content is not easy. In fact it requires time, planning and recruitment channels that allow you to get new leads . In search of avoiding everything that this entails, some companies buy access to ready-made lists supposedly ready to be used in email marketing. However this never works.

They generate losses for you Email Marketing 

We have Email Marketing seen some reasons. Why you should not buy email lists but make. Them yourself. Now, what steps should be followed to obtain quality contacts. Something that works is to have a landing page and promote.  It on different channels, such as your website or social networks. A good landing page has attractive offers that company data motivate users to leave their contact information, which results in a new lead. You can also choose to post interesting content on your social profiles and interact with your audience. Doing a market study will help you identify who your buyer persona is and where they are located. Something that will make it much easier for you to manage your advertising campaigns based on email marketing is to have adequate management software. Our recommendation is Impulsa Click , a powerful CRM Marketing that will allow you to design.

They are junk contacts

Many of the emails these lists provide are actually junk contacts; In other words, accounts that are not considered suitable for email marketing either because they are fake accounts or are inactive . Many of the contacts that make up the purchased Buy Lead lists are sent to different companies. This means that these accounts are bombarded with advertising emails from many brands at the same time, which minimizes the chances of conversion.Sending advertising content to a contact who has not requested it is the worst mistake you can make in email marketing; And in fact, it’s one of the reasons why many campaigns don’t work . If a user receives an email from a brand they. 


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