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The solution is a good alternative for enterprises that are moving their data to the cloud because it has data hiding capabilities in cloud environments. The solution’s robust reporting and auditing features allow customers to monitor and analyze all masking activity.

Various regulations, such as GDPR, HIPAA, and PCI-DSS, can be to have been complied with using the reports generated by the solution. It hides all known pieces of information from large amounts of data collected from multiple sources and databases, such as users, locations, dates of birth, and occupations.

Databases, apps and mainframes can be widely connec with the solution. In addition, it reduces the possibility of data loss or data misuse. the dealer for pricing.

IRI FieldShield is a powerful data protection system that provides state-of-the-art protection for sensitive data. The program’s extensive set of hiding features and modes enables users to quickly hide data from a range of sources, including relational databases, flat files, and mainframe systems. It also gives users the option of cloud-ba or on-premises data encryption.

FieldShield automatically detects and classifies sensitive materials in databases, files, and other sources using a new data classification method. Once data is classif, it can be hidden using a variety of methods, including encryption, substitution and overwriting.


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In addition, a wide variety of data types, include, are suppor It also ensures that hidden data maintains buying phone numbers referential consistency with other relad data, maintaining the usefulness of the data.

It also offers a range of options for data subsetting, enabling smaller data sets to be for testing and development.

Integration with other IRI products such as IRI CoSort and IRI Voracity is also suppor by FieldShield. These tools offer additional features on a single platform, including data integration, data quality, and data masking.

Salesforce Data Mask is a powerful data masking technology that helps businesses secure their sensitive information and comply with various data protection laws. A wide variety of masking options are available on this platform, including dynamic data masking, static data masking, and selective data masking.

Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, and Marketing Cloud are recogniz and cover by Salesforce Data Mask using machine learning algorithms.

that allows customers to view study logs and their hidden progress. Several data protection laws including GDPR, CCPA, and HIPAA also have pre-built compliance templates.

The technology also offers a detail dashboard

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Salesforce data mask works in conjunction. With other salesforce products such as shield and. Identity to offer a complete data protection. Solution. In addition, salesforce data mask offers a high level of. Configuration flexibility and can be configur. To meet the specific data protection requirements. Of different organizations.

Widely usata types such as standard. And custom objects, fields, attachments and documents. Are supported for hiding. It also offers many encryption. Methods including encryption, overwriting, tokenization. And encryption to ensure that data is successfully. Hidden while maintaining integrity.

Immuta can be the best choice for privacy restrictions and dynamic Buy Lead data hiding. It modifies the data during query time to hide sensitive values ​​without changing the original data.

You can specify a feature- access control policy in its security and privacy management layer. You have the option of using code or plain language when writing policy language.

In addition, you can choose from more than 60 pre-built security and privacy controls to protect sensitive data. These constraints can be appl dynamically at query time for a variety of data retrieval methods, including anonymity, pseudonymization, reduction, and obfuscation.


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