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Supabase’s pricing is predictable and without surprises, allowing you to start working for free and grow your projects as needed.

The free plan is suitable for hobby projects and small. Websites as it includes unlimited api queries, social oauth providers, up to 500mb. Database capacity, up to 1gb file storage, and other features.

The pro plan, which starts at $25 per month per. Project and includes additional features such as no project downtime, daily. Backups held for 7 days, and more resource restrictions, is suitable for production applications .

The team plan starts at $599 per month. For collaborative work and includes additional group member roles, extended backup. Retention, custom security quizzes, priority email support, and. Onsumption-based pricing applies to consumption. That exceeds the plan’s stated limits.

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Back4App is a low-code backend platform that allows developers to quickly create contemporary apps. Back4App buy telemarketing call list allows you to store and query relational data in the cloud, making it available through GraphQL and REST APIs.

The platform has a scalable backend and open source, which allows you to focus on app development rather than infrastructure administration.

the process of developing and distributing apps, as well as offering a simple solution for quickly storing and retrieving data in the cloud.

Back4App streamlines

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Back4App differentiates itself from other platforms by offering several unique features. For starters, it’s an open source solution that allows developers to access and edit the underlying software to increase customization and flexibility.

Second, Back4App has a simple and easy-to-use interface that ensures a short learning curve for developers of all skill levels.

In addition, it supports relational data, indexing, and aggregate operations, allowing efficient data management.

The platform’s pricing is open and predictable, allowing customers to understand Buy Lead and plan their costs.

Finally, Back4App provides special enterprise plans to meet the demands of larger projects and companies.

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