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 The material would appear to the students once a week, so I had plenty of time to make the materials (videos and workbooks) along the way. More on the topic: This is how you plan and make your first online course As a result, 55 students came to the course and sales of almost €13,000 in six days. Since then, I have launched the same course several times, sometimes with success, sometimes with failure. -December 2017, we had 48 new great students join us. Currently, almost 600 wonderful students have taken or are currently taking the course.

During the launch in November

But let’s go back to November-December 2017. I started planning the launch well in advance, at the end new database of September. In fact, it would have been worthwhile to start planning already in August, because in the end there was a rush. Note to self: Start planning 90 days before launch. Basic and Pro I divided the coaching into two parts; for basic and pro versions. The basic version is well suited for bloggers and those interested in content production who want to learn how to write content that builds a strong personal brand and increase the blog’s readership to at least 10,000 unique visitors in 6 months . Also read this: Experiences from Blogger to Professional™ coaching  is suitable for digital entrepreneurs or those who dream of becoming a digital entrepreneur who, in addition to content production, want to build their own online course or write their own e-book and sell it online.

The Pro version, on the other hand,

 Pro version is no longer available, it has been split into smaller courses, which can be found here: Learn the basics of search engine optimization in one hour Successful sales with the help of email marketing This is how you do your first online course Updated 26/05/2023: All courses are packaged into one community and training package, which BUY Lead you can read more about here Own course platform Perhaps the biggest change in this launch was that I wanted my own course platform.


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