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You have a few other options to choose from from CodePen. If you pay annually, you can get one of three premium plans for $12, $19, or $39 per month. You can create an unlimited number of pins, posts and private collections on any of the three levels.

You also get a Pro badge (social boost), live co-op mode access, no ads, and more. There are also team-specific strategies and other cross-level differences. Check out their official scoreboard for more information.

HTML, CSS, and JavaScript in CodePen, there are a few other things that set it apart.

  • It is possible to view your code in real time. No collection required.
  • to learn new things.
  • Create tiny test cases to find and fix problems.
  • Show your amazing works.
  • Create and store pens for later use.
  • Try other developers’ code and see it in action.

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CodeSandbox is a web-based code editor. It automates deployment, packaging, and dependency management for you, allowing biz list you to build a new project with one click. After you create something interesting, you can share it with others by simply sharing the website.

The editor is compatible with any JavaScript projects, although it includes some React-specific features, such as the option to save the project in a create-react-app template.

Any project you build in CodeSandbox starts with a template. It can link to a specific library, framework, or runtime (including Node.js) or use standard web technologies. After choosing a template, you will be sent to the editor, where you will find all the necessary files and the preview window is already open.

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You have access to a “filesystem” in every sandbox, which means you can create new files, use modules (including NPM packages), and interact with static assets . There is also an option to change the configuration files specific to the template.

You can even build your own templates for your specific use case, with file structure and dependencies, much like an IDE. Since the tool is connected to Github, you can quickly gene Buy Lead rate commits and open PRs. You can send your application to ZEIT or Netlify right away.


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