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Everyone who is on the front page is already. Doing 90% better than others. The first 6 do best, they get 95% of the visitors’ attention, of which the first position, in turn, up to 35% of the visits, the second 17 and the third 11%. Keyword selection Without the right keywords, optimizing for search engines is pointless. You have to map them out and they should have. Enough quests per month to be of any use at all. Start by writing down all the ideas that your services or products could be relate to (if it is a building materials e-shop, I wish you success. looking for it. For example, no one will (presumably) search for the phrase “best value hammer.

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Someone might search for “high quality hammer”. How to find your keywords? To do this, use a free Google tool calle “keyword planner” ( in English). There you can whatsapp mobile number list get information about the search volume of the keyword, the competition and also other keyword ideas. Interesting page titles ( Title ) with a keyword Article titles (all titles on your website) could be written in such a way that they are “clickable”, that is, a person must want to read it For example.

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A quality lawnmower could be written as “Grass like Wimbleon – buy a quality ‘brand name’ lawnmower”. People want to click here and see what Buy Lead mows so well. Apart from that, the keyword could definitely be include, in the case of the previous title, a high-quality lawnmower. Headlines within the article In SEO, these are calle H1, H2, H3, etc. headings. way? It divides your long texts into intermeiate parts and makes it easier for the customer to understand the content (especially it attracts the attention of those who like to scroll through articles in a hurry.


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